Products KömaDeco – PVC Sheet with foil The union of functionality and design

Wherever extraordinary visual appeal and optimal functionality are needed, KömaDeco is the ideal material. Manufactured in a complex process, this composite sheet with its fine surface relief presents to the onlooker an impressive interplay of light and shadow. On the practical side, KömaDeco can score with an extremely high impact strength. This makes KömaDeco interesting above all for indoor applications, with absolutely easy installations for individual applications.

The KömaDeco composite sheet combines a KömaCel integral with woodgrain laminate skin-foamed sheet and a PVC colour laminate that is laminated on one or both sides. The surfaces present a fine, hardwood like relief with a remarkably realistic grain. Accordingly, KömaDeco is used above all in exhibitions and shops and for cladding doors, ceilings, and walls. KömaDeco is available in five different colours and with special colour laminates on request.